Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 - It's in the Book!

A few days ago I posted my holiday card album which you can revisit here if you'd like.  Today I pulled all my 2013 cards and photos together and put them into the album, and I wanted to share the finished product with you. 

So here is the cover once the album is full.  I added a tie on the binding, as the album was a little bulky.  I was going to try to go "tie-less" but I decided that it really does perform a function of condensing the album and keeping the loose cards in the pockets from falling out (although mine were a pretty tight fit).
I noticed this year that many of the photo cards are double-sided.  I wanted to mount my photo cards without losing the back side which had additional photos or messages.  So I created some hinges using cardstock that were super easy.  I just cut 3/4" strips that were scored at 3/8".  I glued one side of the fold to the card and the other to the page.  I also attached a small piece of ribbon to the cards with the hinges that will remind me of the hinge.  I absolutely LOVE that I didn't lose the backs of these photo cards.

Below are some of pages showcasing some gorgeous homemade cards and photo cards from friends and family.  

Love that vellum poinsettia . . . and a hinged photo showcasing a friends brand new house!

Another hinged photo card and a handmade card which I trimmed the edges from so it would fit vertically . . . I thought those sledding children silhouetted in black were perfect under Santa's sleigh silhouetted above in white on the page. 

You can clearly see the hinge on this one.  I thought about putting additional cards under the hinge, but decided against it.  another gorgeous handmade card on the right. 

This photo card was adhered straight down, and another handmade card on the right.  Handmade A2 cards fit perfect on the pages, while the larger cards are better in the pockets. 

Photo card on the left, adhered straight down, and a handmade card that my mom made on the right (she went to a Stampin' Up workshop!)

And here is a shot of one of those pockets.  The larger cards fit in nicely, and you can "tag" them with a ribbon pull. 

Christmas of 2013 is literally "in the book."  These albums make great gifts.  I made a few for gifts this year.  They're always fun to make, but the true effect shows once they are filled up with your holiday greeting cards. 

Happy New Year! 

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  1. Fabulous idea! I've been wondering what to do with all the handmade Christmas cards I received this year.