Sunday, March 13, 2011

Keeping Up with Keeping Up

My life is like one of those pie charts with varying pieces.  There's the home piece of the pie, the family piece of the pie, the full-time job piece of the pie, the part-time job piece of the pie, the NESC Design team piece of the pie, then the hockey piece of the pie, then the "creative things I get myself into" piece of the pie (which is the biggest mess of them all).  My day is the plate.  It can only be one size as there are only 24 hours in one day.   

So if you were keeping track, we've got a one-size fits all plate and then we have some chicken pot pie, quiche, graham cracker cream pie, caramel apple pie, key lime pie, toll house, and some kind of berry crumb pie.  Mmmmmm!  All so yummy.  But I don't want them touching each other on my plate.  So it's a constant struggle to keep up!  I create a mess, and then I move on to another mess.  I am always trying to keep up with keeping up.

One such project . . . I always pick a Connecticut Whale player or two to follow during the season, and I complete a scrapbook with photos and articles taken throughout the year.  Since the beginning of this year was a bit stressful and I got off track, I spent the last two weekends creating my player's scrapbook.  I had thankfully done a good job collecting the items, so it was really about just sitting down and pulling it together.  I'll show off a few of my layouts in the coming days/weeks.

But I needed a break from the manly paper and the paper with sticks, and stickers with pucks . . . so I decided it was time to work on the Unity Challenge.  The theme this month was to create a card with a heart.  So I dug out a Unity Stamp from the itty bitty collection . . . the "Hello My Friend" itty bitty stamp . . . and created myself a little card using some scraps from one of my hockey layouts!  The layout looked all tough . . . and yet my card looked all sweet and flowery.  Nice contrast.

Great challenge.  Looking forward to next month!

On to create some more hockey pages . . . less than 48 hours until my deadline!