Sunday, September 12, 2010

Defining Disorganization

O.K. - Study these words, because I'm about to tell you a story that includes them. 

Idea . . . a visible representation of a conception : a replica of a pattern

Excited . . . to call to activity

Product . . . something that is marketed or sold as a commodity

Fizzle . . . to fail or end feebly especially after a promising start —often used with out

Organize . . . to arrange elements into a whole of interdependent parts

Lesson . . . something learned by study or experience

Dang . . . damn

Once a upon a time there was a paper crafting girl who was wandering through her local scrapbook store (NESC) and saw some paper that she thought was adorable.  She grabbed a few sheets, not knowing what would become of it, and continued to wander the store.  Her eyes fell upon a chipboard shape that completely and totally sparked an IDEA.  It was as if fireworks had gone off in her head.  She was so EXCITED that she could barely contain herself.  She saw a vision in her head of what the end result could be and she ran through her LSS buying PRODUCT to complete her item.  Yet something was missing.  So the paper crafting girl took her items home and set them aside until she could find the missing items to pull it all together.

It was in preparing for a weekend crop in South Carolina that the girl decided to at least cover her chipboard with her paper and ribbons.  From there it fell into a bag until many months later.  The paper crafting girl found the perfect little floral embellishments for her design and purchased them.  And another several months down the road found the perfect stamps and purchased them.  And because everything was in multiple places, the IDEA seemed to FIZZLE out yet again.   

Why?  Because the paper crafting girl did not ORGANIZE appropriately.  Perhaps her Monday to Friday job left her little time to organize?  Perhaps she had too much stuff in her scrapbook cave and was far too confused at where to begin. Perhaps she was always committing herself to other projects and just never had the time. 

LESSON learned!  Paper crafting girl has begun organizing PRODUCT for her IDEAS into bags with a note as to what her IDEA was so that it never can FIZZLE again.   (Of course, paper crafting girl wonders how long it will be until this IDEA to ORGANIZE will FIZZLE.)

Said project could have been completed so much sooner.  But . . . DANG it is so super cute!