Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Another Wednesday StampNation Challenge Day

Do not make me go on and on about my favorite crafty place . . .

Let me mention again that we have just finished up a few weeks of a technique class using stencils.  I can't tell you enough how awesome all of the cards were for the class.  And the beauty of StampNation is that classes and challenges never end.  So the later you join, the more the benefits.  And joining now at their five year anniversary is like five times the awesomeness.

Here is a sneak peek of this week's challenge card.  The challenge was a background card.  

I chose to stamp my background, but as a member of StampNation.  There were four colors in my creation, but I stamped off to get the lighter fill colors.  I can't wait to see the variety of ways that members chose to participate. 

If you've not checked out StampNation, I highly recommend it.  It is my favorite crafty place. 

Cheers!  Go get crafty! 

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