Monday, September 2, 2013

Trick or Treat Mousetrap

I'm giddy with excitement.  This was in my head for years. 

The intended use of a mousetrap scares the bejeezers out of me.  I just can't think about it, and I'd rather pay $30 for a trap that will save the mouse (and likely bring him back into my house two days later) than 4 for $2.00 at the local discount store for a trap that would harm a cute little mouse. 

I do reserve the right to scream if I see the mouse . . . not from fear but from surprise.  But I just can't bear to kill the little guys. 

But come on . . . 4 for $2.00 . . . metal and wood.  You know those have to be awesome for crafting. 

And they are . . .mouse trap meets Action Wobble challenge.  Challenge was Halloween, and nothing says TRICK or Treat like hanging candy from a mouse trap so the recipient has to wonder if their hand will be slapped from taking the candy.  But . . . it's safe!  Traps was never engaged.  So I took the trap, and I used pliers to make a hook at the top.

I decorated using pattern paper, cardstock, ink, stamps and washi tape.   What's awesome . . . the medallion with the washi tape is a wobble (which is why it is slightly blurry.  It was awesome to use the wobble because there is a sturdy wire underneath that I would have had to lift if I was putting this medallion flat on the trap.  And because this was hanging . . . there was lots of wobble action. 

 And it really does hold candy (best I could do was a Nestle Skinny Cow).  It is hanging, and it is holding!  Quite a grip. 

So . . . the task at hand . . . I need to find the mouse traps that I bought.  I literally pulled one out months ago and left the other dozen or so in a bag.  Somewhere . . . but where. 

Supplies Used
Cheap mouse trap from discount store
Bazzill Cardstock
Doodlebug Pattern Paper and Washi Tape
Close To My Heart Stamp
Action Wobble
Memento Black Ink
Sizzix Die


  1. How cute and creative is this?! Love it!

  2. Oh my gosh! This is the greatest idea! And, absolutely adorable!