Saturday, August 13, 2011

Way Too Cool Indeed

I did say I would share more of my layouts and projects using "The Company Kit" . . . didn't I?  This kit has been cathartic for me . . . because it is just perfect for my memories of older years.  I picked it up from my local scrapbook store (New England Scrapbook Company).  It totally has me moving on my old photos. 

Here is a blurry current day photo of my 110/120 orange photos from the 70's. Some might ask, "Why did you post this blurry photo of your layout, and not a clearer picture?"  

Whether I post a clear picture or not . . . the photo is what it is.  It is a photo of a layout that tells a story about my past.  Whether this photo is blurry or clear, the story does not change.   

The same can be said for my faded 70's photos.  They may be hideous, but the story they tell is not hideous.  It is a crazy story about a 16 year old girl who was forced to move from Michigan to Connecticut in her junior year of high school.  She left behind a house that she loved because it had three floors.  She left behind a younger sister in a group home.  She left many great friends.  She left behind a close-knit neighborhood.  Upon arriving in Connecticut, she moved to what seemed like "Little House in the Big Woods" in comparison to her Michigan home.  She wondered when she would get to see her sister again.  She had to try to make new friends with people who had already formed friendships and had little room for someone to fit in.  

What's a girl to do?  

This girl went and got a job and saved some money.  She made friends with someone who gave her a chance.  She spent some time at that person's house, where there were horses.  She wanted to buy a horse of her own, but was told "No!"  Said girl . . . who shall remain nameless . . . hangs out a bit and gets to know the ropes about this "horse thing."  She finds a horse that is for sale and she buys it on her own and makes arrangements to board monthly at the friend's house.  She does not tell her parents until after the deal is done.  Parents arrive that night and are introduced to large roan mare.  They are a bit quiet about the whole thing.    

Said girl rides into the "big woods" of Great Pond State Forest on her roan mare (named Roanie).  She takes photos of her horse with her 110 camera.  Photos go into a box and become faded and orange.  She makes a scrapbook layout thirty-four years later in spite of the faded photos.  


Because the memories of a girl surviving change in such a strong and positive way are just way too cool not to memorialize.

Way too cool indeed!  

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