Sunday, March 14, 2010

Creative Ramblings

I have been so, so busy that I've not had time to blog. Between work and projects, I've just been swamped . . . and then there is that thing they call "my personal life." It's been a little nuts. I've been really busy hitting deadlines on some scrapbooking projects. At the top of my list this month was getting my player scrapbooks done for the Hartford Wolf*Pack players I follow each year. This year I have two player books that I'm working on. The first is a young defenseman, Corey Potter, who has been with the organization for a couple of years and has even had the opportunity to play up with the New York Rangers this year. Defensemen are great to scrapbook because they spend a lot of time down at my end of the arena! My second player is a two-time Olympic athlete, Andres Ambuhl, who just returned from Vancouver, having played for the Swiss hockey team. Andres is a fast forward, and what was really neat about scrapbooking for Andres is finding some great on-line shots of him playing in Vancouver that I could include in the book. He really seemed excited to see them, and I got him to autograph one photo for me for my own scrapbook (now just where did I put that darn photo). There is #10 on the left there admiring a Little Yellow Bicycle Generation Z layout of himself chasing the puck. Nothing better than combining two of my great loves . . . hockey and scrapbooking.

My creativity has been a bit sparce . . . but I fired it up a bit tonight. My favorite day of the month is the Employee Crop at New England Scrapbook Company in Canton. It is usually my time to look at my upcoming schedule of classes and get busy picking out paper, ribbon, and embellishments. Even better than the scrapbooking is the company. I get to scrapbook with not just creative people, but awesomely cool, fun and creative people. It's an afternoon/evening filled with laughter . . . and boy did I need it.

I found tonight interesting. I was working on a Designer Series kit for the store, and then buckled down on the store's monthly challenge. If you haven't checked out the challenge . . . you should. It is a lot of fun. But what was interesting about the challenge is that I was working on my layout to post, and while working looked over and saw Vanessa working on a page using the same paper line. A short while later I looked over and saw Chris working on a class page using the exact same paper line. Great minds! Great paper! Great embellishments! I highly recommend that you check it out in the beach section at NESC. It is TPC Studios paper and embellishments called "Undersea Adventure." Love it! Love the paper. Love the ribbon. Love the embellishments. Love the bling. What was really fun for me was having great photos of my daughter and her friends at the beach this past summer. Found them on Facebook and sent them to Snapfish. I hope to make a nice 12 x 12 album for her (one of my many projects on the list that is not started).

Wait! Strike that! It is started now. One layout down . . . many more to go.

Hope to post more soon . . . but I've still got that challenge to announce, so . . . later!

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