Monday, December 21, 2009

The Answer: Nothing
The Question: What's been going on with your blog?
I have been feeling so uninspired to scrapbook. I haven't quite been able to put my finger on the problem. But today I found a combination of things that led me to my crop room at home. First, my kids are back from college, so I found myself retreating to my "woman cave" (my crop room). Second, I felt that a little organization was in order and bought some wire stackable shelves to give myself a little more cropping room.
Let's talk about my crop room for a minute. It started as a room that was going to be for scrapbooking, sewing, and whatever other crafts I might want to work on. It ended as a crop room only, and in the process of getting it set up I learned that I have way too much stuff. Not only that, but I managed to trash another spare bedroom in the process of setting it up. I have sewing stuff stacked and now have to face the fact that I will need an additional room for sewing. Hobbies are tough.
As for the "way too much stuff", I have high hopes that I will sell some of it on Ebay someday, or perhaps at an NESC Tag Sale. However, first I need to have an intervention with myself because I clearly have way too much paper that I can't part with. I made a promise that I would not buy more, and then I bought more. We all know the rule. If you don't get it while it's there, you won't get it when it's gone.
So my crop room can be a basic disaster. My most recent task was to get the shelves up and to make die cut tools more accessible. I also had to clear an entire shelf on my wall (my wall has three utility shelves that house Rubbermaid containers of embellishments and fabric, scrapbooks finished and unfinished, and the Art Bin 12 x 12 containers of paper (I love Art Bin's containers . . . no one else's come close). Clearing a shelf was no easy task, but alas the Cricut is out of the box and needed a home. Provided I stick to cutting 12 x 12, the shelf will work. If I ever decide to cut wall art in a larger size, I'll clearly have to find a new home for it.
With organization done, I finally got around to making some new bags. I thumbed through a few magazines, ripped out a few pages, got a few ideas and was reading to scrapbook.
That said, I successfully finished a layout for an upcoming class at New England Scrapbook Company. Many years ago I purchased a Quickutz die that looks like a lego block. My intention was to do a "Downtown Disney" layout. After five or six years I can finally check that one off my list. Talk about procrastination.
I'll be home tomorrow and will hopefully keep my creativity flowing enough to design our one more page for the Disney class. I'm looking to do a page on Magic Kingdom (I've got this castle die cut that is just begging to be constructed, stickled and adhered to a page.
And then perhaps our family's Christmas cards. Better late than never! I can spread holiday cheer the day after Christmas just as much as before. Remember . . . it's the holiday season, not just a day. It will get done.

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  1. ROCK! Thanks for inspiring me! ( I want to go clean up my own "cave" & create!)