Monday, September 23, 2013

Favorite Things . . .

So last weeks Heart 2 Heart Challenge was a tribute to Sound of Music (one of my favorites) and was "brown paper packages tied up with string."  If you didn't see my creation, you can find it here.

They are continuing that theme, as this week's challenge is "a few of my favorite things."

O.K. . . . here's a few of my favorite things . . .

creating boxes from scratch

paper, glue, ink, stamps,

cookies (the homemade kind . . . not the store bought ones)

So . . . I bought these fall decorated cookies for an event, and they came in a nice big box all packaged in pairs.  They are homemade . . . but they weren't made in my home.  I needed to create either a box or a slide sleeve for some of them to give to friends.  Now I love figuring things out . . . but I hate wasting paper as part of the process. So I tried to keep this one pretty simple. 

I wanted one of the cookies to be peaking out, as the sprinkles were so colorful.  I decided to go with a box, and not a sleeve, as I wanted it to stand.   I guessed on measurements, as it depends on the size of your contents.  Once I had the size, it was all about decorating.  I stamped away to create the design where my sentiment is on the front of the box. 

 All of the product is from the Buzz & Bumble kit that CTMH had in their previous catalog.  I love playing around with coordinating product.  The back of the box needed a little something, so I used the reverse side of the bar code strip on one of the papers. 

I think my friend will love it.  I'm off to create a few more.  


  1. I like the way your stamped the seed pack over the double layer. For a backgroud effect that's pretty cool and new to me. Thanks!

  2. PS - your sugar cookie looks great too! Can't get enough sprinkles - it's like glitter for food.

  3. Very Clever and well done. Thanks for joining us this week at HEart 2 HEart Challenge

  4. Totally cool! I love it and the cookie looks so yummy. Great job. thanks for joining us at H2H