Monday, March 5, 2012

A Little Humor on a Monday

I'm not one to post recipes . . . as I'm not big into cooking.  However, I really wanted to post information on how to get your bread to shape like the bread on this round plate.

NOTE:  The photo is not askew . . . the plate is round.  But the bread has an awesome shape.  And it's not just one slice . . . the entire loaf has this shape.   This was no easy task and took over an hour to get just right. 

This is Freihofer's 100% Whole Wheat Bread.  I must make the claim that if you use another bread, you may not get the same great results.  Here are the basic steps:

1)  Purchase the bread along with some lean turkey and cheese to make a sandwich.  
2)  After buying the bread, toss it around from bag to bag in your car as you determine which groceries go into the office with you, and which ones stay in your car.  
3)  Once at your desk, make your sandwich using two slices of bread, about 2 oz. of turkey, and 1 oz. of cheese.
4)  Eat sandwich while on conference call (you are only listening, as talking and eating would be rude). 
5)  After eating the sandwich, but while still on the call, be distracted by someone showing you a swollen foot that they injured a week ago.  
6)  During distraction and annoyance of interruption from call, throw your coat atop the bread.
7)  Let it sit one hour.
8)  While on second call where you have to speak, get a little nervous, stand up, lean back on your coat a few times. 
9) Throw some things atop your coat. 
10) Get ready to leave the office, and put on coat, revealing the surprise beneath.  Admire.

I'm guessing that if you don't have a conference call, you can substitute a one hour talk show, interruptions from children, and a sweater and perhaps get the same results. 

Happy bread shaping!

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  1. Thank you sooo much for making me laugh!! It feels soooo gooood :-) I'm not much of a cook either :-)
    Hugs, Judy