Monday, October 8, 2012

Mystery Quilt - Meeting #1

The word "scrap" for me means . . . scraps of paper, scraps of fabric, scraps of ribbon, scraps of anything and everything.  For in reality, the definition of "scrap" is: 

Let's go with the noun, and specifically the first definition of the noun.  Not that the second one doesn't also fit into my form of paper or fabric crafts.  I've definitely quarreled with myself over whether the picture should go at the top or the bottom, or even just an inch to the right.  And should it be slanted or straight.  But I digress!

So "scrap" for me is all things crafty.  It's taking small pieces of stuff and moshing it together to make something bigger. And that includes quilting, which is something I've gotten away from.  Over the weekend I signed up for a quilting class through a local shop.  Let me rephrase . . . several months ago I signed up for the class, and over the weekend I attended the class.  It is a Mystery Quilt . . . in that we don't know the pattern of the quilt.  We don't know what it will look like.  We've not seen the completed project.  We purchased a bunch of pre-selected fabric (which if you didn't like, you wouldn't sign up . . . or you could pick out your own) and we arrived on Saturday to our stack of fabric . . . nine different gorgeous fabrics, and the first set of "clues."

So our first clue included the cutting of three of the nine fabrics . . .

 . . . and placing them in bags marked with letters.  So I have a bag of 8 1/2" squares of the first fabric and another bag with little rectangles.  Then I have a third bag with small squares of the fabric on the far right.  A fourth bag has squares of the middle fabric.  A fifth bag needs to be filled with half square triangles of the first two fabrics . . . my homework . . . which requires sewing . . . which I've not started.  

And yet I feel there is time to blog about this when the homework is not done?  

That middle fabric is all used up . . . except for some scraps . . . the other two went back into the big bag and will be used perhaps at the next meet up?  I don't know . . . it's a mystery. 

Stay tuned for next month . . .

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  1. This sounds quite intriguing! I'll watching as it unfolds!!!!! Thank you Deb for writing about it!