Sunday, January 29, 2012

Creative Blocks

I have seriously had a creative block lately.  Creative blocks for me usually stem from being way too busy at my 8 a.m. to whenever job (the term 9 to 5 job is ridiculously off base).  But there was this one project set before me that I was completely stoked about.  It was a challenge to figure out how to do it, where to find the product to do it . . . but I couldn't wait to figure it all out.

I think one of the reasons I was super stoked about this project goes back to my sewing years . . . many, many years ago . . . I made this cloth covered wreath.  It was a solid white wreath base with Velcro where you would attach different pieces.  Each month you remove the old and replace with the new.  There was a ruffle you would attach to the back with a braided hanger.  There were three or four decorative pieces that you attached to the front.  You would swap everything out and you'd have a whole new look each month for years to come.  My velcro pieces didn't hold up to well over the years, and that awesome wreath is probably in a box in the basement.  So sad.  I didn't realize I missed it until this project came along.  Here is a little sneak peak . . .

Creative blocks . . . a set of tags . . . and you swap them out whenever you want!

I am in love!  I cannot wait to create another set of tags. 

My creative block is solved by a set of creative blocks. 

We'll be offering this at workshops at my LSS, New England Scrapbook Co. in Canton, Connecticut.  So exciting!

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