Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Little Something for Mojo Monday

O.K. - if you want to skip my rant in purple, please jump down to the Mojo Monday sketch.   And if you think you saw this post earlier without the rant, you would be right. 

An interesting thought about blogging for the person with A.D.D.  I've never been diagnosed, but I'm pretty sure I'm borderline A.D.D.  And anyone who watches me on a computer will agree.  I will open window, upon window, upon window . . . and I'll be multi-tasking  trying to do a dozen or so things at the same time.  

Is a dozen an exaggeration?  No.  No joke that at my Monday to Friday gig I will find windows open on things I started hours earlier and didn't complete.  And, make no mistake (I'm about to compliment myself, which I rarely ever do) that I am super conscientious at my job.  So when I'm making some changes on something at work, and I realize that a list I'm using might need to be more accurate, I leave my original document to look at the list, and then go to a system to find better information to fix the list.  And I notice that something is a little off in the system, so I go somewhere else to try to fix that, and then from there I see that we could do a better job with something else . . . and oh, yes, I did say I was going to fix that other thing for Joe Smith, so while I'm thinking about it let's open up that other document and make a pivot of the data and, what's that?  Co-worker, you need some help?  Yes, let me help you.  I will open up that spreadsheet for you and get the information you need, oh my this needs some work too.  And it goes on, and on and on.  

So . . . too many windows in blogging means that you will post your message.  But if you had another window open where you were creating a new post, you would say . . . oh this is old.  Let me delete this two sentences because I later created a whole page with everything and posted it.  And when you do that, you will lose the post!  You will lose the post!  And now anyone logging on to see your Mojo Monday sketch, including the Mojo Monday design folks . . . they will see your rant! 

So I'm done with my rant and can now re-post my photos for Mojo Monday!  Loved the sketch (I always love their sketches) . . .

Here is my design with a little bicycle built for two. 

I used some old scraps of what I think were Imaginisce paper and included cardstock from Bazzill, two stamps from Unity Kits of the Month (stamps on the outside were from one set, and the inside stamp is from another) . . . 

Have you ever ridden on a bicycle built for two?  It's super fun.  I had a friend growing up who had one.  I used to love it when we would take it out for a spin.  


Craft on people . . .

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