Sunday, July 17, 2011

Scrapbooking for the "Over 50 Crowd"

I wanted to participate in Little Yellow Bicycle's most recent challenge.  I just love their new line of paper . . . so of course I chose to use the paper and elements from Sweet Summertime! 

And then came the hard part . . . finding photos!  I dragged out the old picture box.  These were from the summer of 1989, and I have some advice for you. 

Our Trip to Treasure Lake in Pennsylvania (not Papoose Pond in Maine).

When you hit 50 years old (which I recently have) . . .

    and when your photos are more than 20 years old (which they are) . . .

         you may want to: 

                      A - Check the notes on the back of the photo for information . . .

                      B - Have an "innocent" discussion with someone else on the trip (without revealing your reason is because you are a moron and likely have mixed up your locations) . . . 

                      C - Question yourself on whether your details are accurate . . .

And you would want to do this BEFORE you journal on your layout. 

Do this to avoid your husband saying to you . . . "Papoose Pond?  Papoose Pond?  Your grandmother was never at Papoose Pond." 

And then you won't have to say, "Oh Sh*t!" 

Lesson learned. 

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