Monday, June 27, 2011

A Stitch in Time

Anyone who really knows my sewing abilities over the last several years knows that I am the queen of unfinished projects.  I have a long list of unfinished quilts (just ask my daughter, Kelly), and a long list of projects waiting to be started and added to the unfinished list.  And so I thought I was out of my mind when some friends said, let's make a wine tote/lunch bag, and I said yes.  It was a class being offered locally, but that usually doesn't stop me from not finishing the project.  I usually leave with unfinished items, and that's usually where the story ends. 

But . . . this time I stitched in time! 

I always pick out fabric with high hopes.  Then when I cut, I think . . . "what was I thinking." 

This day was no different.  I didn't like the direction of the fabric and was worried it was going to be a bad scene in the end.    I was fretting over the fact that I had laminated the inside pieces, but left the outside pieces unlaminated (which I don't think is a word).

But putting that aside, My first pieces to make were the holders inside the bag.  I was upset that the words went horizontal on the short sides, but vertical on the long sides (who made up this pattern?).  Eh . . . not my fault. 
But as I started piecing it together . . . the pieces that were just fabric and interfacing and laminate and zippers and thread came together in the end . . . (although sorry to say there was a bit of swearing), numerous missed stitches and scrunched up areas (that's like my signature on things I sew).  

Horizontal or vertical . . . my fabrics came together quite nicely (what the heck did I do all that worrying about). And check out the end of the zipper (where it stops) and the little zipper pull!   

There was something in the air yesterday.  It was a banner day.  A project started on Saturday (with laminating and cutting in preparation for the class) and finished on Sunday.  O.K., so it was just a little lunch bag.  But it has a zipper . . . and some "holders" on the inside for a bottle/can and utensils.  And in the end . . . it's transporting lunch . . . nothing more . . . nothing less.

Loved the bag . . . the lemon Chobani . . . not so much!

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