Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Product - New Venture - New Jersey

The past few days have been about getting some new things in my life. With so many stressful things going on, it seemed like it was time for a bit of "renewal." For the last four days or so, I took some time off from my 9 to 5 office job and brought some new things into my life to get a recharge.

First came some new product. Basic Grey "Green at Heart." Picked it up to create a layout for a "solution" at NESC. Fell in love! Those darn felt flowers are AMAZING. Those papers are absolutely "Springy." Not only did I create a layout, but I began to see the possibilities for so many other projects. This picture does not do the product justice. It is absolutely adorable.

Then came the new venture . . . ATC Camp. That's Artist Trading Card Camp. The group had met once last month and I missed out on it. Did I need something new to add to my plate. Well, I must have because I signed on for it, and I even agreed to teach the next one coming up in April. I figured if I could attend the March session and understand it, then I could teach it. Right? Well, I get it. I got all excited. I turned, yet again, to "Green at Heart" for my inspiration. The theme of the cards was to be "Spring." Can't get much Springier than those bright, vibrant colors. I cut. I created. I inked. I stamped. I colored. I stickled. I signed. I numbered. My cards were done.

Yet as I went to put them into a plastic bag to take to NESC, I realized . . . I should have a box to carry them. I remembered that I had an empty Maya Road lunch tin that was sitting around on the floor near my computer just waiting to be loved. Back to the "Green at Heart" collection where I found some paper, some die cuts . . . matched it up with some ribbon and before I knew it I had created a beautiful tin to transport my ATC's. On the box it says . . . "A little birdie told me . . . Make ATC Cards." And the best part about ATC camp was seeing all the great cards. So different!

I'm so looking forward to leading the group next month and having the opportunity to share my time with such awesome women!

Now comes the part about the jersey. That's a new jersey . . . not New Jersey. It's not a place, it's a thing.

So many people are surprised by my love of hockey. I love the game . . . everything from the arena smells to the fast paced game. I love the skill, love to watch the players develop and make their way to the NHL. And I love combining my love of hockey with my love for scrapbooking. For many years I have created scrapbooks for the Hartford Wolf*Pack players, and as I blogged a few weeks ago, this year is no exception. I have two really great guys that I have been following this year.

At tonight's game, the guys were wearing these great new jerseys that I believe were designed by a fan. They were running a silent auction that would later turn to a regular auction for fans to bid on game worn jerseys off the players backs. I always leave these auctions disappointed. The jerseys are expensive, and I can never bid that high. But this year I felt like I was in the market for a new jersey. I had my eye on a few in particular. I quickly calculated what I was willing to spend, found the sheet for one that I really wanted and I placed my bid. I didn't go a mere $25 over the last bid . . . I put my top bid.

A few hours later, between the 2nd and 3rd period, my husband showed up to tell me that I had won my jersey. Just mere seconds after he told me, my jersey was involved in a fight. It was right in front of me, and I got to see my game worn jersey go a few rounds. I turned to my husband and said, "That's my jersey." Any doubt he had about the expense was gone. We realized as we watched my #27 jersey get grabbed, stretched, yanked, and pulled that it was meant to be. Rick said, "It's a sign." And a short time later he was on the ice with Jared Nightingale . . . #27 . . . getting my jersey. The somewhat stinky thing made the trip home where it will hit the washer tomorrow and be on my back for the next game. So . . . new product, new venture and new jersey. The combination has been a great renewal!

It was a great weekend.

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  1. Heyyyy nice fight pictures!! Use that fancy function on the camera more often!