Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Guess What Day It Is? StampNation Challenge Day!

I can't help but think about that camel in the Geico commercial when I think about "hump day".  And Wednesday is "hump day."

But more important to me, as a StampNation member, Wednesday is challenge day.  It's a chance for me to see what StampNation's Dream Team is up to, and then to see how they inspire the membership at my favorite crafty place . . .

You've heard me say it before.  This is my go-to crafty place.  I adore StampNation.  And this quarter I was honored to be a guest designer.  Our challenge this week was to create a card inspired by the commissioned work of one of our members, Kevin.  Here is just a sneak peek of my design inspired by his incredible work . . .

I encourage you to check out StampNation.  I literally adore this community.

It's the best!

I hope you find some time to create.


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